Ad Meliorem's mission is to improve the corporation, either small, medium or large, by enhancing your business bottom line and performance through:

| Data analytics | Improve versatile leadership | Business management mentoring |

| Reputational risk management | Improving gender equality |

Data analytics related to behavior, attitudes and knowledge (cognition), towards shareholders, board members, executive teams, frameworks (governance & risk), corporate policies (cybersecurity, OH&S; Diversity) and strategy. By acquiring data of these three traits, key stakeholders will be able to draw conclusions related to the climate of the organization allowing for better decision making, policy, strategy, frameworks redesign, training or development interventions, and restructuring.

Improve versatile leadership at all levels of the organization from board members and executives to operational staff members, versatile leadership is not about weaknesses & strengths but well balanced leadership traits, Ad Meliorem’s partnership with Kaiser leadership ( in the USA allows to assess accurately versatile leadership through the Leader Versatile Index (LVI) enabling the stakeholder to improve versatile behavior.

Business management mentoring, Ad Meliorem’s managing director holds more than 30 years of corporate experience, he understands thoroughly how small, medium and large businesses operate and their required management style including, commercialization, trading, governance & risk management frameworks, compliance (local & international regulation), IPO readiness, strategy, policy, training and development programs. Ad Meliorem offers genuine passion for improving your business bottom line and performance.

Reputational risk management for the corporation and the individual, Ad Meliorem is determined to improve and maintain a strong reputation. Ad Meliorem do these by designing or redesigning genuine codes of conduct and ethics, reviewing and if required redesigning the risk management framework, reviewing and if required redesigning the health and safety framework, creating and delivering awareness, training & development programs, and by assisting stakeholders to understand organization behavior and individual personality. Ad Meliorem’s partnership with PBC ( allows to assess accurately personality, derailers, values and motivation, these four traits are essential for managing successfully individual reputational risk.

Improving gender equality with emotionatwork™️, objectification management and identity at work. Ad Meliorem’s emotionatwork™️ is a virtual assessment tool that provides accurate data for key stakeholders to better understand how staff members feel towards the opposite gender, data will help the small, medium, large business, to understand the emotional environment related to gender diversity, to redevelop policies or design training and development interventions. Ad Meliorem objectification management program is specifically designed to minimize gender objectification at work. Ad Meliorem identity at work program, focuses on developing a corporate identity that embraces male and female traits, rather than mainly male or female traits.

Services We Provide


Comprehensive experience and knowledge of the Americas, European, Middle Eastern, and Australasian Markets


Comprehensive experience and knowledge of the Australian Business Environment (Public & Private) at all States and Capital Territory


Our operating business model is in essence virtual, yet cybersecurity and your privacy are the top priority for Ad Meliorem


Nevertheless, if a face too face intervention is required Ad Meliorem will go anywhere, at no added costs

The core, improving your business bottom line

The focus and virtual operations of Ad Meliorem are to specifically improve the business bottom line, fees are in accordance to that virtual environment about 60% off

The aim, your business generating value

Your business will own priceless quantitative and qualitative data, and information that will serve to generate unlimited value for your corporation, investors, shareholders and stakeholders

Powerful Data

Obtaining quantitative or qualitative data for your business related to behavior, emotion and attitudes is extremely difficult still, these data is highly important for increasing productivity and performance, and minimizing liability, Ad Meliorem’s solid expertise/experience in collecting and analyzing these data will provide valuable and unique insights for your business

Reliable Assessments

The emotionatwork™️ (EAW), The Leader Versatile Index (LVI), and The Hogan assessments are all valid and reliable assessment tools, the Hogan assessments are known globally

Skillful & Genuine Mentorship

From the largest corporation to the smallest business, Ad Meliorem has provided a mentorship experience that has served to transform operating models and frameworks, culture, strategy, climate and individual mindsets, we love mentoring

Projects, Articles, Codes of Conduct & Ethics

In an effort to decrease cybersecurity and data leakage risks, a tailored survey for data collection related to knowledge, attitudes and behavior was designed and implemented. Data served to redesign cybersecurity policy, create a new department to tackle cybersecurity risks and develop a training and develop program to better understand risks associated.

If you are further interested in this project or developing your own tailored survey, please let us know, we can help you, contact us.

A large corporation nominates financial executives to undertake roles at different global locations. The roles require a versatile mindset to successfully manage unexpected challenges. The Leader Versatile Index was found to be a perfect fit to prepare selected candidates as the tool provides quantitative and qualitative data specifically assessing for versatility gaps, and most importantly provides a clear guideline for development.

If you would like to discuss the LVI for your organization, please contact us.


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Debbie Kalik - ABC

Our office, thanks to you, is humming

Zaki Musharraf - ARAMCO

My expectations were exceeded. Alberto ran a world class program. For content, delivery, coordination, support and administration

Camile Farah - UQ

I am sure you will do very well and help many people

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